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Interview Opportunities

If you’re a thought leader who has a revolutionary way of doing business in your space, we’d love to talk with you.
The Girls L.E.A.P. podcast features high-performing business leaders who know how to grow a business that reaches peak performance at a higher level in a relatively short amount of time.
We heavily promote our content to our audience and social networks, and we encourage our guests to do the same.
If you’re interested in appearing in an episode, please find out how below.

Requirements to Be Interviewed

  • Success in their respective field
  • Experienced in growing a business exponantioly
  • The ability to tell stories that engage the audience and well-spoken
  • The ability to have a deep and thoughtful discussion conducted by Gloria Ward
  • An audience to whom they are willing to promote the episode

The Girls L.E.A.P. podcast is focused in providing women with valuable information on how to grow their business. If your ideas and advice make you a standout, we would love to hear from you.

Please follow the Guidelines below to make your pitch.


How to Pitch

  1. Look at our list of podcast episodes and listen to a few, so you know how our podcast is presented and the type of interviews we conduct.
  2. In the body of your email, please include a brief history of your business and accomplishments, and how you have been growing your business. Explain what makes you passionate about what you’re doing. List out potential topics and how they will be presented to our audience of entrepreneurs and professionals looking to become entrepreneurs.
  3. Include links to audio or video content in which you’ve been a guest.

We’ll evaluate the information you have provided us and we’ll let you know if it fits our current needs to be a guest.

Note that if your pitch does not follow the above instructions, you will not receive a response.

Send Your Pitch To