How Our Body Image Affects Your Confidence

In this free LIVE masterclaass Coach Ellie Curry will teach you how to increase your confidence.

How Our Body Image Affects Our Confidence…”

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Why Should I Attend?

Because you are woman who is tired of struggling to love your body and is constantly worried about how you physically look.  

If you believe their self-worth and confidence depends in the number your jeans tag says, this masterclass is for you!

Beauty culture and its efect in your confidence

You will learn to distinguish when the media and the beauty culture dictates how you should measure yourself by your looks

Learn how to value YOU versus your weight

When you stand up on the scale it doesn’t tell you how valuable you are, then why do we pay so much attention to it?  It ends after you take this masterclass.

Change your thoughts.  Change you life.

Having a positive outlook about yourself creates wonders in your life.  Find out how you can start practicing how to speak positively to yourself.

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Ellie Curry

Girls L.E.A.P. Confidence Coach

About me

From overwhelmed to confident, that is Ellie’s mission.  For 10 years she sat on the sidelines of her life.  She feared not fitting it, not measuring up to society’s standards while her life passed her by.

Her thirst for wanting so much more out of her life, she realized that fear was robbing her of her life.  That’s when she started investing into growing her confidence, and how she shares her knowledge with you.

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