How Our Body Image Affects Your Confidence with Coach Ellie Curry

If only I was thin … then I would be confident.

Has this thought ever crossed your mind? In a society that equates thinness with confidence, join me to learn how to be confident separate from your body. And learn some tools to help you work on self love when it comes to your body.

If you are a women who struggle to love their body and are constantly worried about their body. They believe that their body is going to give them the confidence they desire, this masterclass is for you!

The mission of this masterclass if for each attendee to:

1) Understand how beauty culture is setting you up to hate your body

2) How to build confidence on who you are as a person and not your body

3) How to start changing the way you think about your body

The tools you will acquire after you attend Coach Ellie’s masterclass is the beginning to live a full life stripped from shame and fear. Take the LEAP and grow your confidence today!

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June 22 @ 19:00
7:00 pm — 8:00 pm (1h)

Ellie Curry

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