From Prospect to Profit

Monday, August 23, 2021 at 7 PM EST

Free One Hour Training with a productivity Coach

Let Me Show You How to Create Measurable Goals that are Effective

Join Productivity Expert Nathalia Cruz for a Live Training that Will Show You The Exact Steps to Create and Measure Yearly Sales Goals.

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Comprehensive sales Training Showing A Unique  Strategy

Taught by Productivity Coach, Nathalia Cruz

Nathalia is a passionate Public Relations Specialist with over a decade of successful experience in public relations, marketing, and sales.  She is an ardent bilingual communicator, a published columnis, radio, and even event hose.  She coaches small businesses owners to create marketing campaigns, processes, and systems to maximize their time and increase profitability.

As a Productivity Coach she will assist you with goal setting, and creating follow up processes to be succesfull.

Here’s What You’ll Learn During this Training:

How many leads you need to close a yearHow many prospects you need to reach your goalHow to include your dreams in your goalsYes! Reserve My SpotSub Text

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