This is an odd question to ask, right? Maybe because society and behaviors have taught women to put their focus more on others versus you. If you start thinking more about your desires and need, that would make you selfish and self-centered. By whose rules? Take those rules off the table and out of your thoughts!

As women, we are constantly the shero, problem-solving gurus everyone calls upon because they believe we are superheroes who never get tired, lonely, or out of whack. But, honestly, we are exhausted, overlooked, and not appreciated by some. Don’t get me wrong, we are the game changers in any field you put us in. We will make it happen with the “S” tatted on our chest. But we still are humans that need the same love, patience, grace, and love that we go overload to give to others.

The question is, do you love her? You know the woman you see every day in the mirror, who you tend to forget about but demand so much more from her. The woman who constantly does for others but to exhausted to do for herself. Well, listen, HER (the inner you) see every day sent me “Wingwoman” to remind you of 3 things you need to do daily before becoming ALL things to everyone.

1. Spend alone time with her. Quiet time with self brings awareness, growth, and more profound love for the woman you carry around daily. YOU. Please get to know her; she is your best friend. Don’t you believe she is worthy of learning, loving, and laughing with? Trust me; she is awesome sauce!
2. Accept your imperfections. You are not perfect. You are h-u-m-a-n. Perfect is boring. Imperfections give you permission to grow, glow and go live an authentic life. Plus, it makes you a fascinating subject to learn about.
3. Believe you can. If you believe you can. Guess what? You will! Yes, you are a work in progress, but understand you are powerful in your pretty and stance.

If you love HER as you say, you do take care of her. Simply put, pour all things you give to others to HER first every day. This will be the greatest love you can give you. I promise if you do, you will become a greater you!