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What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is a yearly sales event that occurs at the end of November, right before the traditional holiday shopping season.

When is Cyber Monday 2021?

Cyber Monday always happens on the Monday after Thanksgiving. This year, Cyber Monday falls on November 29, 2021 at 12 a.m. local time.

How long do Cyber Monday sales last?

While Cyber Monday is technically one day long, the sales often being for days and even weeks around the actual shopping day, sometimes for a week after Cyber Monday. Due to shipping delays this year, some sales began even earlier.

What deals can you expect to find on Cyber Monday?

Because it happens a few weeks before December, Cyber Monday is a great time to buy and save on all your holiday gifts.

You can expect to find a lot of “doorbusters,” sales that drop prices to all-time lows across categories like tech, home and kitchen, and fashion.

While you can expect a wide range of sales, we recommend you go in knowing what you’re looking for so you don’t spend money on a flashy discount. Some historically great Cyber Monday deals have included big-ticket electronics ( like large TVs), Amazon Echo products, Xbox and Playstation games, Instant Pot, KitchenAid appliances, and various home products like

Additionally, the following product categories can especially offer great discounts:

Cyber Monday occurs three days after

Black Friday

(it falls on Monday, November 29 this year). However, we’ve seen Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals blend together into a week- or even month-long affair. 

We recommend jumping on a good deal when you see it — especially when you can cancel your order or return it. If you do find a better deal on Cyber Monday and already made a purchase, you can also ask the original storefront to match the price and some retailers automatically refund you the difference.

For those shopping in person during Black Friday, we recommend doing so in these situations:

  • For expensive products
  • For major stores
  • For this year’s products

Will there be Cyber Monday shipping delays?

Shipping delays and major shopping holidays go hand in hand, and this year is no exception. Supply chain issues are especially cropping up this year, so it’s good to keep shipping deadlines in mind.

How does Insider find the best Cyber Monday deals?

  • We only choose products that meet our high standard of coverage — that we’ve either tested ourselves or researched thoroughly.
  • We compared the prices against other retailers and only included the deals that are the same or better (not including promotional discounts that come from using certain credit cards).
  • All deals are at least 20% off, with the occasional exception for products that are rarely discounted or provide an outsized value.
  • Read more about how the Insider Reviews team vets deals here.

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