If you are a woman in or interested in the tech industry looking for a change of scenery, SmartAsset released their 2021 list on the Best Cities for Women in Tech.  

In 2019 the annual wage for jobs in cloud computing, big data storage, and collection and information security is an average of $88,240, which is 55% higher than the median annual wage for all occupations. 

Right about now, seems like the best time to make your move.  

The silver lining about the Pandemic is how it has drastically changed the workforce.  Remote work is not an ideology on how to do business.  Work and life balance is a real issue. The disparity between diversity both in gender and race has never been more prevalent.  Opportunities do exist.

If you are thinking of changing your life and moving to another city, @smartasset provides you with an insight into the Best Cities for Women in Tech. 

They compared 63 U.S. cities with the following metrics: 

  • Gender pay gap
  • Income after housing
  • Women as a percentage of tech workers
  • Three-year growth in employment

The full article and the list of cities is available here.