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How Entrepreneurs Can Leverage Setbacks To Make A More Significant Impact In Business


Podcasting is a popular medium for many business owners and entrepreneurs to add to their marketing strategy. Podcasting allows you to spend time with potential clients on a more intimate level than any other type of marketing.

Meet Margy Feldhuhn, multi-7-figure business owner and CEO of Interview Connections, a podcast booking agency that offers clients a high-touch, concierge-level experience while getting you booked to guest on podcasts.

Margy is a podcaster herself and a client in her own business, as she is the host of We Get It, Your Dad Died and uses Interview Connections to get booked on other podcasts. Margy’s podcast was born out of circumstance, a tragedy like no other. In 2015, Margy lost her father by suicide, which is unthinkable to most.

But Margy worked through the pain over the years and learned what these challenging events in life could teach us.

Feeling that she could help others, Margy took a leap of faith and started her unique podcast where she speaks to other high-achieving entrepreneurs about their experience with grief and death. The purpose was to inspire and help others create something good out of life’s unfortunate and often unfair events.

Through interviewing various entrepreneurs, one common thread that Margy noticed through her conversations is that their approach to death and loss is all very similar, and she feels that is not a coincidence.

High achieving entrepreneurs do not view themselves as victims, and as a result, they savor the lessons that they can take away from life’s hard lessons. They believe that everything happens for a reason and use these lessons to help others.

It’s an interesting angle, and Margy shares how entrepreneurs can take life experiences of great sorrow and grief and turn them into inspiration:

1.    Personal growth

Going on a journey of self-reflection and awareness helps you grow as a human. As entrepreneurs, when you focus on personal growth, it creates a feeling of empowerment, and you know you have what it takes to make the scary decisions. Your revenue and profits grow at the rate that you do.

2.    Impact on the world

When you reframe tragedies away from victim narratives and view them as being tapped by the universe to go through something challenging, it allows you to be better equipped to guide others to do the same. Your tragedies become your opportunities to serve others at a higher level.

When you can leverage the setback as an opportunity to transform into a much better person, it will, in turn, make you a better business owner. When you focus on impact over transactions, increased revenue naturally flows.

3.    Become better leaders

Through life experience and tragedy, we can learn compassion and empathy. We are human, we work with humans, and when leading a team in your business, you can be a better leader when you lead from a place of understanding. People respond to human factors and connections, and Margy’s life experiences made her a more influential leader.

4.    Have the courage to do the hard things

To heal from grief and loss, you need to face it head-on. By accepting what is, you can grow and improve. Your business numbers tell you the story in your businesses, and Margy has found that when she applies the same principles from loss to what is required for business, she can create ongoing business growth.

While many entrepreneurs are afraid to face their business finances, she has learned that the only way to be effective is to meet and accept what the numbers tell her. Our business numbers tell us a story and we have the power to rewrite it.

5.    Teach us resilience

Entrepreneurs require a daily dose of resiliency, as building a business rarely goes by plan. Resiliency allowed Margy to face challenges such as restructuring the business while maintaining service to her clients. If she hadn’t learned how brave and capable she is, she wouldn’t have believed she could lead that change.

The bottom line is that we can have the most to gain through life’s most complicated challenges. By turning tragedy and sadness into hope and resilience, you can impact others and rewrite your personal story about your loss, and it can help you and others see the loss in your life a little differently.


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