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Becoming Truly You


Have you ever felt like you were standing in the way of your own happiness? has life challenges and struggles kept you stuck in a place where you felt you had no way out? There comes a time where we must take a step back and gain perspective and insight as to who we are and where we really want to go in life. Most of us women put our time and effort into others and rarely focus on ourselves. Gloria Ward shares candid stories of how she overcame some of life biggest and common challenges. Disappointment abandonment, broken heart, and grief are just a few. Becoming Truly you breaks down the lessons and the tools you can use to start the journey of self healing. However, Gloria is not content to let the stories end with telling you what is possible. She wants to empower you to Become Truly You and created an interactive workbook and platform to walk you through the process.



A guide to healing and creating the life you truly deserve


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