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Collection Calls: A Necessary Reality of Maintaining a Business

Collecting past due invoices is key for your business’s survival, for affording your employee’s income, and for reaching your financial goals. Yes, it is a nasty thing to do, especially during the holidays, yet it is part of running a business. With the holidays and the Pandemic, many people are suffering financially; however, you have a business to run.

Before making collection calls, keep these things in mind:

(1) make sure you have a plan
(2) be respectful and courteous
(3) have several options for the individual who has not paid their invoice
(4) Learn about the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act
(5) investigate other collections options such as hiring a collection agency or how to go through Small Claims Court as a last resort
(6) review your plan with your lawyer

Remember that those who owe you money are embarrassed and ashamed; therefore, there might be a possibility that you will get a hostile response, and for that, you need to be beyond empathetic and not take it personally.

Source: Entrepreneur Magazine

Nathalia Cruz
Nathalia Cruzhttp://www.pinkpulpo.com
Nathalia Cruz Ortiz is a passionate Public Relations Specialist with over a decade of successful experience in public relations, marketing, and sales. She is an ardent bilingual communicator, a published columnist, radio and event host. She has organized many educational seminars and was the co-creator of the Maryland Hispanic Annual Business Conference in 2014 and 2015, which is now a yearly event. She also coaches small business owners to create marketing campaigns, processes, and systems to maximize their time and increase profitability. During her downtime, you can find her on the beach reading suspense novels or attending Porsche sponsored car shows and autocrosses.
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