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5 Tips to Dominate a Male-Dominated Industry

by Alisa Bowens-Mercado

As we wind down Black History Month and leap into Women’s HERstory Month, Alisa Bowen-Mercado is making history as the first African-American woman and Black owned brewery in Connecticut. Affectionately known as “Lady Lager, Alisa owns Rhythm Brewing Co and is on a personal quest to offer better beverage options to suit a wider array of palettes. 

Rhythm Brewing Co was launched in 2018 with the flagship Unfiltered Beer “RHYTHM LAGER” – a modern American-style lager with an ABV of 5.5%. Brewed with South African hops, Rhythm is unfiltered, flavorful, and has a slight bite that leaves you wanting more.  

This February 25th, Alisa is celebrating her birthday by launching a special brew called “Birthday Girl Magic”.  BGM adds hints of vanillas to this beautifully dark, incredibly smooth companion to her signature Rhythm Unfiltered Lagers. BGM is yet another example of Alisa’s innovation! 

Music, Dance, and Beer have played a significant role in Alisa’s life. Both of Alisa’s Grandmothers’ were beer drinkers, and on special occasions, they would sip, dance and converse about “Finding your Rhythm in Life”. 

As the first African – American woman who owns a Beer Brewery in Connecticut, it’s been challenging these past few years BUT daily I’m mastering the art, kicking down doors and demanding RHYTHM BREWING CO has a head seat at all tables surrounding lager beers.

Here are her tips to succeed in a male dominated industry:

1. Walk into a room and immediately, “Own It”. Equip yourself with the necessary skills, qualifications, knowledge and expertise in that industry.

2. Be assertive, ask questions with confidence. Being heard in a Male Dominated Industry, means learning how to not allow others to speak over you. 

3. Know each hurdle is actually a steppingstone. Stay focused, stay positive

4. Know that your presence in a Male Dominated Industry will open doors for others to follow. Continue to be that trailblazer!

5. Stay Positive, build morale and collaborations in your industry.  Know your worth with both your financial and business goals. Focus on victories, not defeats.

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