Need a confidence boost? Here are some quick tips on how to boost your confidence in under 5 minutes! Remember confidence is a practice and takes time. Pick your favorite and start incorporating it into your daily routine

1) Ask Others How They Perceive You 

Often times if you are building your confidence you have a skewed perception of how you view yourself. You probably view yourself through a harsh lens. Reach out to your loved ones and friend and ask them for positive things they see in you. Help them reframe your perception of yourself! 

2) Take Action 

We can lose our confidence when we have an idea but then continue to not take action. Set a timer for five minutes and take action! Practice becoming who you want to become. This tip also really helps with learning how to build consistency in your life! 

3) Give Yourself A Pep Talk 

Growing your confidence is a practice of changing how you think about yourself. Practice giving yourself a pep talk. Remind yourself of how awesome you are! Allow yourself to be a human and make mistakes! Growth takes time and you are doing a great job! 

4) Smile!

This is so underrated! Smiling can instantly change your mood! Practice smiling at yourself every morning. Start associating the act of smiling with yourself! You are worth feeling loved! Smiling at yourself will start reminding yourself you are worth smiling at! 

5) Start A List of What Makes You Awesome

Instead of a gratitude list make an awesome list! Start listing out all of the things you like about yourself! What are you great at? What makes you awesome. Practice grabbing on yourself! You may be afraid to do this out of fear of being arrogant, but if you are working on your confidence you may be lacking in the self compliment department so start complimenting yourself you are worth it! 

6) Change How You Talk About Yourself 

Become aware of how you talk about yourself and start swapping out words you no longer want to associate yourself with. I had to stop calling myself lazy! I was not lazy I needed rest. I am working on becoming a disciplined person. See how empowering it is to change how you describe yourself! 

Remember you are worth the effort into growing your confidence!