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Ellie Curry

Girls L.E.A.P. Coach Ellie Curry is a certified Life and Health Coach with Girls L.E.A.P. Her mission is to empoweer women to show up for themsleves, and confidently create their dream life.
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6 Tips To Instantly Boost Your Confidence

Coach Ellie Curry will be discussing how to manage holiday stress and what women can do to enjoy this Holiday season.  In addition, she will guide you on how to identify your triggers, give you tips on how to handle stressful situations, and will tell you why giving ourselves grace is key to surviving the holidays.  Wednesday, November 17 at 7;00 PM EST

How To Start Accepting Who You Are

The real reason self acceptance is so important is it allows you to be motivated from a place of compassion instead of a place of hate or fear.

Understanding Your Values

When it comes to confidence, knowing who you are is part of the process. You can’t be confident in yourself if you don’t know...

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6 Tips To Establish Yourself As A Thought Leader

Ashley Dudarenok 艾熙丽, a LinkedIn Top Voice in Marketing, bestselling author, and founder of a digital consultancy and social media marketing agency, gives her advice on #thoughtleadership how to become a thought leader in your industry.
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