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Charissa Lauren

Charissa Lauren is reputably known for her creativity and ability to connect and position professionals. She has spent the last 10 years as a Brand & Public Relations Consultant, starting her first business at 22. She specializes in Creative Brand Consulting and Public Positioning, exceeding her client expectations with innovative brand awareness techniques. She is passionate about entrepreneurship on every level and is working to become a multi-faceted, serial entrepreneur to asset the business world from every angle. In addition to her PR company, Charissa Lauren Collective, LLC, she is currently expanding her education in real estate, property investments, and creating a lifestyle brand. She and her husband, a Cyber Security Consultant, reside in Pittsburgh with their daughter and baby boy. Together they enjoy traveling, reading, and business.
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Business Benefits of Blogging

Blogging provides constant traffic to your website, but they are an engaging news source for company events and a social network in and of itself. If you don’t have a blog, you are on the B-List

Brand Awareness for Start-Ups

Brand Awareness is the development and formal plan of your defined message and how you’re going to have your message heard.

4 Tips to Prep Your Brand for Press

There is always a series of steps that need to be met and structured to guarantee a press placement. Girls L.E.A.P. Coach Charissa Lauren teaches 4 Tips to Prep Your Brand for Press.

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6 Tips To Establish Yourself As A Thought Leader

Ashley Dudarenok 艾熙丽, a LinkedIn Top Voice in Marketing, bestselling author, and founder of a digital consultancy and social media marketing agency, gives her advice on #thoughtleadership how to become a thought leader in your industry.
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