Business Benefits of Blogging

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Let’s be honest, in this day and age businesses revolve around social media. If you have a website, but you do not have a blog, consider yourself on the B-List. One of the first things I ask a client when discussing their PR package is ‘Do you have a blog?’ Not only do blogs provide constant traffic to your website, but they are an engaging news source for company events, and a social network in and of itself. I have so many blog strategies up my sleeve that have helped company’s reach their target audience directly.

A blog alone can:

  1. Increase brand visibility
  2. Develop your company’s reputation
  3. Generate sales

All of which are the very aspects any PR Firm strives to maintain for their clients, whether a brand or an individual. An essential part of a content marketing strategy, your blog should consist of news, products and upcoming events, while also maintaining an active relationship with fans or readers. They are excellent tools in providing both visual and textual information to your viewers and can be easily promoted through social media.

Let’s SEE it: While text is beneficial and informative, you want to be a visual as possible with your customers, fans, and readers. Yes, there are still readers out there (myself being one of them), but one PR Girl trick is to make sure every blog post caters to both: those who thrive on information, and those who prefer to see the news visually. Utilize headlines, appropriate images, and fonts. Your post is much more likely to obtain more attraction when it caters to both mindsets. Not to mention, who doesn’t like a little pop of color? See how that works!

Tag Me: Search Engine Optimization, or as we know it as, SEO. In essence, this fancy term makes it more likely to attract search engines to your webpage. How do you secure this tactic? If you have a PR Girl, she’ll take care of that for you! But, to fill you in, Public Relations specialists are typically trained in SEO strategies such a keywords, tags, and links that are trending and will be most likely to boost your brand’s blog visibility. Read more on useful tactics here.

Sharing is Caring: Oh Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Instagram, whatever would we do without you?! Thanks to our many social networks, increasing blog visibility and readership is as easy as 1, 2, 3. When publishing a new post: Share it! Facebook can be your best friend, and probably will be in business. There are many niche Facebook groups that can promote your post directly to your target audience. Not to mention twitter and Instagram. One of my secrets? (And our blogs are quite successful) Immediately after publishing, I share, everywhere. But it’s not all about promoting. You ideally want to aim to promote your blog posts within your niche to gain the most readership.

Interact: It’s a blogger’s world, and we’re just living in it. And these blogs and bloggers do, indeed, rule the world. Blogs get the news out first, and we, as brands and individuals control the publicity and viewership of every piece, the media doesn’t. Become best friends with other blogs and bloggers, it’s some sort of secret code, but it works. Bloggers support and inspire each other. They are the first to share your story and you are the first to share theirs. It’s all about getting in with the crowd.

If you don’t have a blog for your brand, consider yourself warned. Join us! We love blogs and bloggers! For more branding and business tips, shoot me an e-mail: or on on the web.