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4 Tips to Prep Your Brand for Press

Before beginning press outreach for a brand, there is always a series of steps that need to be met and structured to guarantee a press placement. I work with numerous clients that may not initially know of the specifications that press platforms look for before featuring a company. How do you know when your brand is ready for press? The first company necessity that I recommend is to have your brand developed and finalized before any press outreach. The purpose of press and publicity is, after all, to inform the public of your brand. However, a huge ‘PR No No’ is to jump the gun and push your company message before it is entirely ready. Just for our entrepreneurs and fellow professionals, we bring you all the necessary steps to take before pitching to the press. I’m dishing out the secret and providing the brand development and brand awareness steps before taking the brand public.

Brand Development
Developing your brand to its present and future goals is highly important in visual and verbal awareness efforts. Take the time to finalize exactly what your brand is and what it will be seen as to the public. Don’t pitch a story without a clear ending.

1.) Logo Design. Having a proper and professional Logo Design that will best represent your brand is vital. Your logo will serve as a visual trademark for your brand for the next several years in business. Many press platforms will incorporate your logo into the placement to best represent your brand to the readers.

2.) Professional Website. I can’t stress enough how necessary it really is to have a professional website developed by a PROFESSIONAL. Your website is the first representation of your company. It is what people will automatically seek out when coming across your brand. It should visually and organizationally stand for your work efforts. Press platforms will also link to your website, and many times, the press will not publish your story if they see that your brand is poorly represented.

3.) Social Media Setups. If you’re trying to gain recognition for your company, you will also want to obtain the necessary social media sites. Many times, the press and public will search your brand on social media. Develop a consistent strategy so that when your company is being shared, it is easily ‘searchable’ and well put together. Which social media platforms should you have? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram first and foremost.

4.) Professional headshots or stock images. When obtaining press, you want to make sure that you have plenty of represented brand images to include in publicity and press stories. Typically, the press will request a professional headshot of the owner of the company and product images. One secret tip: Have an assortment of images to use with publicity! You don’t want repetitive images on every press platform!

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Charissa Lauren
Charissa Lauren
Charissa Lauren is reputably known for her creativity and ability to connect and position professionals. She has spent the last 10 years as a Brand & Public Relations Consultant, starting her first business at 22. She specializes in Creative Brand Consulting and Public Positioning, exceeding her client expectations with innovative brand awareness techniques. She is passionate about entrepreneurship on every level and is working to become a multi-faceted, serial entrepreneur to asset the business world from every angle. In addition to her PR company, Charissa Lauren Collective, LLC, she is currently expanding her education in real estate, property investments, and creating a lifestyle brand. She and her husband, a Cyber Security Consultant, reside in Pittsburgh with their daughter and baby boy. Together they enjoy traveling, reading, and business.
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