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Understanding Your Values

When it comes to confidence, knowing who you are is part of the process. You can’t be confident in yourself if you don’t know yourself! One of the categories when it comes to getting to know yourself is to know what you value in life.

Your personal values are things that you believe are important in the way you live. They are the foundation or building blocks to how you want to run your life. I always advise my clients to come up with five different values that they believe are important.

When it comes to defining your values there are many resources online that list different values. Start with one of the lists and write down the values that stand out to you or cause a positive emotion in your mind. As an example, my values I like to create my life around include freedom, authenticity, integrity, fun, and love.

Once you have your values selected I want you to ask yourself why those specific values are important to you. The reason for this step is to determine if you are choosing these values for yourself, or are they the values you think you SHOULD choose? If you struggle with people-pleasing or haven’t examined your belief system you could still be believing or prioritizing other people’s beliefs instead of your own.

After you ask yourself why for each value, you then get to start creating your life around your values. For the next week start to notice the action you take in your life, and the thoughts you think about your life. Ask yourself if they align with your values. Building awareness is the first step to start changing and growing your confidence.

Living your life out of alignment with your values can lead to feeling unfilled. If you notice you are living out of alignment, start to brainstorm actions that would feel more in alignment. What actions do you desire to start taking that will help you live out your values.

Here is an example: maybe one of your values is honesty, but every time your friends ask you how you are doing you lie and say you are fine (when really you are struggling). This can add guilt and other heavy emotions to being out of alignment with your value of honesty. So for the next week, you catch yourself every time you want to lie and say you are fine and you get honest with your friend and open up about how you are doing. You start to feel better because you are now operating within alignment with your values.

Values are unique to you. Also how you decide to live out your values is unique. So have fun! Life is meant to be enjoyed and finding alignment can be one of the first steps to help you get there!

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Ellie Curry
Ellie Curryhttps://ownyouryoucoaching.com/
Girls L.E.A.P. Coach Ellie Curry is a certified Life and Health Coach with Girls L.E.A.P. Her mission is to empoweer women to show up for themsleves, and confidently create their dream life.
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