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Facebook offering FREE courses and certifications

There is absolutely no way around it. Facebook and other social media platforms must be part of every business’s marketing strategy. Each business has its own audience that can be segmented to reach optimal sale results. Their sexual orientation, their culture, their age, their location, their income, and others. And that has its own buyer’s journey. Some don’t know what your product or service is, others know but aren’t ready to buy, and the best ones, they have bought your product and are loyal customers.

At the beginning of every business launch, its marketing budget is tight. However, social media is somewhat free. Hands down, organic reach is the best, however, it takes time to grow. You can then buy ads, but it limits your organic reach. That’s when learning how to use the platform your audience prefers comes in handy.

There are free courses everywhere to learn how to use social media platforms. However, Facebook just launched the Community Manager Certification available in seven new languages. Now, not only can you use this to help your business, but if you wish to change careers or add value to your resume, this is a great option for you!

Free Facebook Courses

Nathalia Cruz
Nathalia Cruzhttp://www.pinkpulpo.com
Nathalia Cruz Ortiz is a passionate Public Relations Specialist with over a decade of successful experience in public relations, marketing, and sales. She is an ardent bilingual communicator, a published columnist, radio and event host. She has organized many educational seminars and was the co-creator of the Maryland Hispanic Annual Business Conference in 2014 and 2015, which is now a yearly event. She also coaches small business owners to create marketing campaigns, processes, and systems to maximize their time and increase profitability. During her downtime, you can find her on the beach reading suspense novels or attending Porsche sponsored car shows and autocrosses.
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