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Helping Working Moms Avoid Burnout

Although schools across the country have opened back up, many are still learning from home. Juggling working from home and remote learning takes patience and tenacity. Fatigue and slight confusion may be common due to sleep deprivation. You are needed! The home depends on you so make sure to take time out to relax and refocus.

Make a Schedule

Following a schedule helps. However, most educators understand that a schedule is just a blueprint. Each day is different and presents new challenges or unexpected events. Therefore, flexibility is important. It is okay when things do not go exactly as planned. Having a schedule helps to prepare you and your remote learner for what each day should look like.

Try to include videos in the work plan that relate to the lesson your child is learning. This will allow you a few minutes to check emails and respond to calls. Introduce your child to a lesson ahead of time, perhaps the evening before during bedtime. Then during the school day allow the child to work independently on the lesson that has already been explained.

Talk to Your Children

Make sure your children understand that although you are there to help them succeed you also need to work. They should understand that it is important for them to try their best and listen when the teacher or videos are giving instructions. Also, your children need to understand that at the end of the day they need to occupy themselves so mom can get caught up on work and other responsibilities.

Get Help!

If you have a spouse or partner they need to help. If possible, alternate days to instruct the children so the other can work. If you are at home with the children during the day, your spouse can help out with dinner and household chores while you work in the evening.

Mira Cassidy
Mira Cassidyhttp://miracassidy.com
Follow Mira Cassidy on Instagram! Mira is an award-winning author, journalist, and motivational speaker. As a survivor of domestic violence, Mira works to encourage and educate fellow survivors through public speaking and her journey. Mira loves to travel! Therefore, she is a luxury travel advisor as well who loves helping others see the world through travel! http://amazon.com/author/miracassidy
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