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Watch Your Voice While You Work Remote

Your voice tells on you. It divulges if you are tired, irritated, enraged, engaged, or depressed. While you navigate the new normal, working from home creates challenges. However, when dealing with customers, co-workers, or your boss, it is important to be mindful of how your tone or voice comes across. After all, your career could be jeopardized if you do not.  

What will your boss think if every time she calls you sound upset or uninterested? She is unable to see what the issue is and if you are not communicating clearly any difficulties or concerns, then your tone will plant little seeds of doubt in the mind of your employer. Over time you may be considered expendable and when lay-off comes, you will be among the firsts to go.  

Attitude is everything. It can even be contagious. When on a group conference call, do not be the voice that is always negative or disagreeable. Even if you disagree, it is how you say it and not necessarily what you say that makes all the difference. Your boss needs to be able to trust that you are maintaining a high morale and still giving the excellent service that the company expects. If you sound irritated on the phone with your boss, then that is no doubt the way you will sound to the customer.

Consider this, working remotely can make you feel unusually tired because after all, you are at home. Try to dress for success. Dress like you are going to the office to help your mind prepare to work. Also, be sure to take small breaks to keep yourself energized and engaged with your callers or clients.

Where is your office space? Is it in your bedroom? Can you find a quiet working area away from where you sleep? Is your workspace well lit? Can you find a way to bring more light in? Your workspace could be affecting your mood, energy level, and increasing anxiety. Try to find a way to make your work area comfortable yet constructive.

Try to get a good stretch in the morning and during the day. Keep some light energizing snacks nearby. Even if your productivity level is high, a problem is still present if the customers are not satisfied with your lack of vigor. How you conduct yourself right now matters as you look to move forward in your career, earn incentives, or gain raises. It is worth the effort. Make sure your voice comes across unrushed, pleasant, and ready to assist.   

Mira Cassidy
Mira Cassidyhttp://miracassidy.com
Follow Mira Cassidy on Instagram! Mira is an award-winning author, journalist, and motivational speaker. As a survivor of domestic violence, Mira works to encourage and educate fellow survivors through public speaking and her journey. Mira loves to travel! Therefore, she is a luxury travel advisor as well who loves helping others see the world through travel! http://amazon.com/author/miracassidy
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