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Eva Longoria and America Ferrera Team Up For She Se Puede

A new movement is quickly sweeping the nation, She Se Puede, which means, ‘She Can.’ This nonprofit organization was founded by several strong Latinas from different areas of expertise such as actresses Eva Longoria, America Ferrera, and civil rights attorney and activist Monica Ramirez. She Se Puede is all about equipping the modern Latina with a place where she can be inspired and empowered. One initiative is convincing Latinas that they have a voice. They are being encouraged to use their voice not only in this upcoming election but beyond.  

According to research Latinas historically have a lower voting rate than other women. However, they are a massive army. The population of Latinas in the US is consistently expanding, and they are found all over in roles of influence.  Their college graduation rates have increased faster than any other group of women according to americanprogress.org.

Like women across the country, Latina women work hard for their families and within their careers. What they are hoping to see is more economic stability and collectively they have the ability to choose a leader to remedy that need.

She Se Puede is a safe community. Other benefits to joining this network of women is being provided with tips on makeup, cooking, community involvement, and business. To date, about 30 million women have joined looking to level up in life.

Not only is She Se Puede devoted to empowering Latina women, but Girls L.E.A.P. is also.  The facts show that Latina entrepreneurship has grown drastically over the last decade. With the focus on the businesswoman, Girls L.E.A.P is her to upbuild Latinas and women all over the globe, providing them with the skills necessary for success.

Girls L.E.A.P is all about helping women learn, earn, advance, and profit. This is done by providing information, resources, and coaching. Girls L.E.A.P. is a friendly environment where the businesswoman can feel comfortable and know that she’s got a loyal group of likeminded women who have her back. Therefore, stay connected to Girls L.E.A.P!

Mira Cassidy   miracassidy.com

Writer, Luxury Travel Advisor, Motivational Speaker

Speaking Topics Include: Breaking Free from Domestic Violence and Live, Learn, Travel

Mira Cassidy
Mira Cassidyhttp://miracassidy.com
Follow Mira Cassidy on Instagram! Mira is an award-winning author, journalist, and motivational speaker. As a survivor of domestic violence, Mira works to encourage and educate fellow survivors through public speaking and her journey. Mira loves to travel! Therefore, she is a luxury travel advisor as well who loves helping others see the world through travel! http://amazon.com/author/miracassidy
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