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The Unstoppable Angela Rye

CNN commentator, attorney, and a cornerstone of the Congressional Black Caucus, Angela Rye is a voice that consistently stands up against injustice, calls out double standards, and problems within a political system built on what some consider an anti-Democratic structure. Rye’s strong political stance has caused her to become well known in the political arena. She is not shy about calling out some of the most popular and publicized political figures. Rye is a strong advocate for truth and undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with.

Angela Rye found her way into advocating through politics after observing her father who was a strong community activist. She grew up in Seattle, Washington, and graduated from Seattle University School of Law. In time, her political foundation blossomed while working for Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Rye eventually moved to Washington D.C. and formed the political advocacy firm Impact Strategies. As the CEO she is depicted on the official website in a rattan throne chair reminiscent of the iconic Huey P. Newton photo.

Angela Rye is fearless. In 2016, she set the internet on fire with her famous “eye roll” which was seen across the country during an appearance on CNN at the Democratic National Convention. While comments were made about Donald Trump’s giving spirit, cameras caught her very noticeably facial expression. Thousands upon thousands of people expressed gratitude because she displayed what they were feeling at the exact moment. It even became a hashtag at that time on Twitter, #ryeroll.

Currently, Rye has been very busy having conversations about core concerns during this election year such as social unrest, the pandemic, and voter suppression. She has had open and candid conversations with political powerhouses such as VP candidate Kamala Harris, US Senator Adrian Perkins, and Kentucky State Representative Charles Booker. Angela Rye is a woman with a mission, fighting for the rights of under presented people and equality for all.


Mira Cassidy
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