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With Kamala Harris, Change is Eminent

As a college student, Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority member, district attorney, attorney general, and U.S. senator, Kamala Harris has always fought for the people. Known for being a prosecutor that stands up for what’s right and someone who is trained to get the truth, Kamala is a powerhouse for justice and change in the right direction. Now as the vice president pick of Joe Biden, Kamala promises to continue to serve the people.

Kamala Harris’s upbringing is different than many of her counterparts. She experienced the sadness that comes from divorce as a small child when her Indian mother and Jamaican father called it quits. However, her mother’s influence as a strong woman who rallies on the side of justice is why Kamala is who she is today. Shyamala Gopalan came to America at that age of 19 looking to study abroad. She completed her doctorate and had a successful career in cancer research. Early on, Shyamala spent many years in the 60s fighting for civil rights. This is how Kamala’s parents originally met.

Like her mother, Kamala if an able-bodied contender. Fighting is something that she does exceptionally well simply because she knows how to. It comes naturally. This is one reason why she created The Back on Track Initiative when she was the district attorney of San Francisco. This program gives former offenders a fighting opportunity to turn their lives around, through job counseling, emotional, and substance abuse support. Also, through the course of her career, she has battled against sex trafficking, child abuse, and other issues that afflict the oppressed and people of color. Her innate spirit led her to many first. She was the first black person and woman to become the district attorney of California and later the attorney general of California. Now she is the first black woman and the first person of Indian descent to be nominated by a major party.  

Harris even knows how to stand her ground when under intense pressure to conform. She upheld her position to refuse the death penalty when she was scrutinized in the 2004 death of undercover cop Isaac Espinoza, killed in the line of duty. While many called for the death of the perpetrator, Harris did not waiver. This caused a multitude to lash out against the then prosecutor, resulting in a loss of some supporters.

Kamala Harris is intelligent, tenacious, and fair. She has consistently shown the world that she knows how to lead effectively. Harris also works to inspire the leaders of tomorrow. When giving a commencement speech at her alma mater Howard University she stated, “You can do anything, and you can do everything.”  Harris proves that after being a mom, her number one concern is you.

Mira Cassidy
Mira Cassidyhttp://miracassidy.com
Follow Mira Cassidy on Instagram! Mira is an award-winning author, journalist, and motivational speaker. As a survivor of domestic violence, Mira works to encourage and educate fellow survivors through public speaking and her journey. Mira loves to travel! Therefore, she is a luxury travel advisor as well who loves helping others see the world through travel! http://amazon.com/author/miracassidy
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