Girl, what is holding you back?

How to find validation within ourselves instead of others.


This is such a hard question to answer with all honesty. We want to pretend we have it all together and superwoman is our first name. If the truth be told, it’s a question we ask daily in our own subconscious mind.

What is holding me back? What is wrong with ME?

I believe as women we all have come to this crossroad in our growing, glowing and going.  We been condition to put stipulations on our existences, worth and love that sometimes we forget we are human too. We are taught to be multitasker, strong, nurturer and counselor for everyone’s issues that it’s a wonder we still mustard the strength to take care of ourselves. 

What’s holding me back? Exhaustion, doubt, lack of self-care with a sprinkle of no self-love.

Think about it. We get so distracted making sure everyone else’s needs are met we forget about the real MVP in our lives, HER You! 

Its nothing wrong with putting everyone on pause for you to gather you up. It’s the best thing you would do for you is to start making you a priority. 

Be OK with putting these steps in action: 

1) Morning routine – The first 1-3 hours are yours to do what you want. Read, meditate, exercise, etc. Create it. Stick to it. Do it. Try it for the next week, watch the difference it makes.  

2) Set Boundaries – Put a cutoff time in place. This means whatever didn’t get done it moves to the next day, this includes return phone calls, answering emails, multitasking, etc. Cut it off and you can’t pick it up till the next day. 

3) Say NO -You can’t be everything to everybody! You have a choice to say no. It’s a powerful two-letter word that would save you from a lot of headaches, trust me I do it all the time. If it’s not aligned or I don’t feel like doing it I am not. 

I want to let you know a little secret: When we go overboard with taking care of others, you are really saying “I need validation to know I am good enough.” 

You feel the only way people will realize you are important is you always being the answer to their solutions, carrying their burdens and giving every ounce of you. 

Validation is already inside of you! The moment you realize this the more you will stop holding you back from the life you desire, and everyone will understand your value.

I challenge you to put those action steps in place for 7 days, afterwards see the difference you will feel. If anyone has a problem, tell them your favorite coach gave you the play! 

Don’t hold yourself back another day, this journey is for you to live freely not restricted!